"it's not the figure that counts,
it's the climb that counts
you don't climb a mountain for the view
you don't juggle to enjoy the moment of salvation
you don't make children to look at them when they have lived".

Biographies is an attempt at a documentary show through juggling

Based on interviews with several conquerors of the useless, Neta constructs a juggled material that reveals that as true as it is that you don't climb Everest for the view, you don't juggle to perform. Climber, freediver, speedrunner, kung fu master, the juggling of the show will tell the life, the passion, and the melancholy of all those people who waste hours of their lives to achieve useless projects. The important thing is not the show, it is the journey, the climb, the preparation, the training. This is what we will share with you today.

The interviews will be digested and spit out in the form of a hiphop text, declaimed live on stage. The juggled material will be on the border between the illustrative and the abstract, in line with the choreographic work of Crystal Pite's The Statement.

The show will be designed for non-dedicated, indoor venues.




Sortie hiver 2025.

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